SCANDALOUS BOOK BLOG #CausingAScandal: March 2013

Saturday, 30 March 2013



Abby Renard heads to Rock Nation to join her brothers band "Jacob's ladder" on tour, she is to replace the lead singer. 
Miscommunication and a VERY distracted roadie leads her to the wrong bus.....where she LITERALLY falls into the bed of the infamous, WOMENIZING, DRUNKEN BAD BOY, ROCKER, and lead singer of "Runaway Train" Jake Slater. 
this is pretty far fetch from reality right?!? well lets forget reality and take a MAGICAL journey of:
  • True Love
  • Lost
  • Forgiveness 
  • Endurance
  • Pain
  •  Romance  and Friendship.   
 JAKE & ABBY          

Abby(Angel) is an Innocent, Naive, Strong, Smart, Witty, Independent young women  that can certainly handle herself; she is no damsel  in distress. 
she is also EXTREMELY STUBBORN which is what lead to her to agree, to stay on  Runaway Train's tour bus for the entire week. 

Jake Slater is a very Passionate, Over Confident loving, Intensely Emotional Sexy, messed up, mischievous young man with a STUBBORNNESS unmatched until he came upon Abby. 

  The two are instantly at logger heads with each both unwilling to back down. "So you're saying if you had the chance to get off this bus, you wouldn't?"- Jake
"Are you saying I don't have the courage to say?"-Abby. 
As you can see they started pushing each others buttons from the moment they met.  
Their relationship started with them both trying to prove a point, but it quickly develops into something much more. 

Jake gave me a serious case of WHIPLASH with the way he was towards Abby: one minute he was HOT the next COLD, seeking COMFORT from her then PUSHING her AWAY. 
His new found feelings for Abby sent his highly emotional state into overload. He had me in knots anticipating his moods or actions, he was also incredibly sweet at times (And little bit corny) but sweet all the same. 

Abby was able to see pass his Bravado, to see the REAL man behind the mask he wears to the world. She dug deep as a result he unloaded a truck FULL of shit on her, but no matter what he SAID or DID (trust me he said some pretty nasty  things to her and his actions at times was cruel) she NEVER GAVE UP ON HIM. 
she saw something in him that was worth fighting for; she even questioned her own actions and affections towards a complete stranger....but when LOVE take hold you just submit and WORK FOR IT, and that's EXACTLY what Abby did. 
Her strength was unwavering. when Jake was a mess but she held everything together. 
She was always FOCUSED on the bigger picture. 
One week CHANGED EVERYTHING for them both but where do they go from here once the week is over.....well your just going to have to read the book to find  out!!!!! 


BRAYDEN- Married father of two also mature father figure of group,  ensuring  everything run smoothly, he takes care of the other guys and Abby. A musical man with so much LOVE and PASSION for his family.

AJ "THE LATIN LOVER"- Dancer and joker of the group; he has some serious one liners. He in-fluctuates between trying to get into Abby's pants and being her friend.  
Above all he has a SPECIAL friendship with Jake, which is really sweet they share a few awwww moments (tough rocker way of course). 

RHYS- Not too much said or featured about him apart from he is supportive, are cares a lot for his band members also friends with Abby and looks out for her but he remains A HOT, SEXY MYSTERY  (cant wait to discover more).


Katie Ashley did a FANTASTIC job!!!! the descriptiveness did not falter I completely lost myself in their world visualizing every moment. 
All the characters had chemistry literally leaping off the pages, the chemistry between them was just pure GOLD.....kept me wanting more. They has a wicked flirty banter that kept me entertained right until the end. 

A key thing that makes a book five stars is Character development and this book was all about  the character development; in the beginning they are one way but by the end they have developed into so much more and the development is so clear. 

I love this book because it was written on REAL VALUES AND MORALS showing; how LOVE CAN just suddenly show up, turn your life on its head and take you on a incredible journey when least expected.
You cant help but fall in love with Jake and Abby I laugh when they did and cried even harder for them when they were hurting. I experienced it all along with them. 

The storyline fits together perfectly,everything was PERFECT. The music references were to die for, GREAT choices. 
this book is a FIVE STAR: 
Pager Turner
Tear Jerker 
Test and Trials of TRUE LOVE. 



Monday, 25 March 2013



Hi all, 

I don't know any of you personally and visa versa how ever we all share something in common that connects us; The Love Of Books.   No one in my inner circle understands my passion for books so it would he pointless sharing this with them but you all have that fire for books so I know you all will understand what I am bout to say.  
Books have always played a major role in my life: they were how I learnt how to read, cheered me up on a miserable day etc etc you all get the point. 
 Today yet another book imparted something very significant into my life. Kristen Ashley words touched me I read the letter at the back of Raid....fuck me it nearly brought tears to my eyes, it felt like a punch in the gut it forced me to take a long look in the mirror at myself. 
during  "knight" I did notice the mention of Anya's pouch and again in Raid with Hanna. I even went as far as to show my husband pointing out that it is not only me who has a problem with my body even fictional characters do. LOL 
I write this blog because I love books a book saved my life as a teen and I take joy in dedicating my time to give bak to the books I enjoy. As I sit behind my iPad judging people's work I realised I also had to judge myself and be honest with what I saw. 
Kristen Ashley I applaud you   For Keeping chapter chapter 13 and for the repetition your message was not by any means lost on me. My Fav characters are the ones that are fucked up ones because thats what i what I am, a highly  fucked up human with major flaws and super body hang ups I FUCKING HATE MY BODY Kristen Ashley has prompted me to evaluate this particular problem area of my life. This is difficult to admit  but I am one of those who won't let her husband touch her stomach, I completely freak me out I hate  my pouch so much I have a mini panic attack each time it's touched. This is a major problem for me and I am finally going to attempt to dealt with it. 
In the past I have suffered from a eating disorders which thankfully I have over come but each day brings new struggles. I am so happy that Kristen had brought attention to this topic because it is its very real and serious and 3 out of 5 women have some form of body image issue. Some even leads to fatality. 
Beauty comes in all form shapes, size and colours and we all need to accept ourself just as we are, how God intended us to be and embrace our sexuality. (I for one need to apply this advice to my own life)


Review of the unfinished hero series coming soon  

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Irresistible  Desire 

This book was a pleasant surprise❗❗❗
Savannah Livingston is a 24 year old assistant editor of a very successful magazine and daughter of famous country super stars, her boyfriend Logan owns the largest Acting and Modelling Agency in LA. 
Her life  seems perfect   until........her boyfriend proposes, she received a hotel key card thinking its from her now fiancรฉe to celebrate their engagement but when she goes up to the room nothing could prepare her for what she uncovers.......the man she loves; who only an hour before pledge to marry her in front the nation, is now engrossed in sexual activity with another women. 

Now is where Danielle Jamie turns me into a fan......Savannah's reaction to his betrayal the way her character handles herself: yes she cries, yes she shuts down, yes she goes into auto pilot mode. Anyone who has experienced infidelity can identify with the process she is going through. Her best friend Brooklyn is on hand to help her through and this girl is funny as hell.....the perfect best friend offering to castrate  Logan and cause badly harm. LOVE THIS CHICK. 

I really LOVE this book because it cuts all the bullshit and just delivers a real straight story, it's simplicity is what make this book a GREAT read. I was growing tired of all the over complicated story lines that just leaves you confused. This book is like a breath of fresh air, you can really enjoy this beautifully told story. We need more books like this one to balance out all the over dramatic and emotional ones. 

Savannah has vowed off men and relationships.........queue the  mouthwateringly  Devine Kayden Knox the world most eligible bachelor. I love these two, the raw chemistry is just Irresistible   This book is burning HOT, The intimate scenes are hot enough to set the Arctic on fire. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
The story line is Very detailed and developed: it kept me on the edge of my seat right until the last page. I just did not want it to end absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 

Their relationship is only a weekend/week but they are mature and honest with each other like I said before NO FUCKING BULLSHIT just REAL RAW GRIPPING EMOTIONS. Everything is just so REAL. I can not stress enough how realistic this book is. I could not put it down and neither will you. 

There are a few editorial and punctuation issue but who gives a flying fuck when the story is that freaking good.  Irresistible Desire has become my new OBSESSION hence this very long ramble   

FIVE SATRS all the way baby.......just too Irresistible not too.๐Ÿ’‹

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Dark light series 

Oh my freaking god, this series so far is just out of this world AMAZING!!!!

From page one I was enchanted, en-trapped by the brilliance created by Syreeta Jennings,  I could not put this down the storyline had me spell bound; just simply sensational. 
Gabriella, a young college student, who has no idea what she wants to do in life. She just knows that something is missing. But WHAT? 
From the moment we are introduce to Gabriella you just know she is going to raise havoc and hell does that girl completely make you believe in her messed up life. She is a bad ass chick and when given devastating news  She handles the revaluations pretty well I think considering how grave the situation is. 
In walks the extraordinary enigma that is Dorian 
Dorian is scorching HOT dominant sexy as sin, aggressive, passionate and full of mystery, his chemistry with Gabs sets off more fireworks than the 4th of July
All the secondary characters are also great. Love Morgan. 

holy f**k I never thought this book would be as good as the first one, say what?!? was in a total different dimension; out of the effing world awesome.  the Dark Prince is funny, frustrating, heart wrenching, heart shattering, depressing, dire despite and I LOVED every second, I was completely blown away. Speechless in fact. 
So this picks up right where dark light left off...Gabriella can no longer deny the truth she has know all along time with the photographic evidence in her hands. 

The only sort of negative thing I can say is that towards he middle it kind of felt a little  dragged this is because of the never ending ups and down in Dorian and Gabriella relationship and then SL Jennings does this in-genius thing of bringing us Niko it felt like you are ready at a steady excitement level and them Dam in pops Niko taking this story to a whole new level and the excitement become exsilerant and it only climes as the story continues right until the very end when we are left with that all mighty shocker that left me gasping for air. The this story is so intense you go thought every emotion possible.  There
Were so many times I was screaming at my iPad I lost count. number one that nasty bitch Aroura with her lies and manipulation and I hate to say this but Gabriella and her uncontrolled sexual needs I screamed for her to keep her legs and mouth  closed. I swear my heart stopped a few times when she was with Jarad I wanted to slap her for hurting Dorian. By the end I am back to loving her even more so than the beginning she is even more of a bad ass. And she knows exactly who and what she is now. 
The romance between Dorian and Gabriella left me breathless, it was so hot, full of passion  and love. the intermate screens were written beautifully with an eye on the small details every word just came off the page in vivid colours.  

No amount of words can possible do this series justice. Just phenomenal. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Before we get to the epic finale that is Reckless......I am going back to the AMAZING roller coaster beginning that is .......

What do you do when you meet your soul mate, the love of your life, when you are in love with someone else.......yeah thats right you have no clue and neither did Keira.

This is the perfect book. It has everything; love, lost, betrayal, lust, passion, Angst, discovery, hot love scenes, romantic moments along with heart wrenching heart break. And can you believe it allot of funny moments too. S.C Stephens is a freaking genius. I gave this book 5golden stars despite how poorly Keira handled the situation through her naive and immature actions. This next bit might sound wrong but whatever, we all different. I LOVED every second when Kellan was whoring; having threesomes and a different girl every night while Keira had to Listen. I was pissing myself the whole time I am a firm believer in Karma. I wish I could have given more than the 5 stars.

Now we move on to the AWESOME filling of this THOUGHTLESS sandwich......known as

How can you make a relationship that started with betrayal, lies and secrets work?!?

When I first read this book all I got from it was that I wish I could create my own Kellan....boy has skills and his love and tenderness was unlike any I have ever read. My heart broke for him and I was in tears when he received all those little things we all take for granted (his biological dad calling him son). I had to re-read in order to get a more objective view once agin Keira frustrated the shit out of me, I felt she had not learnt as much as she said she had from her past because she was still lying. On the plus side this book was seriously HOT I Am pretty sure I had to take a very cold shower at one point. I was not sure S.C Stephens would be able to give us another book as good as thoughtless my God was I wrong this book was Fantastic, I was swooning for most of it. Such an amazing story teller.

Finally on to the epic-ness that is

HOLY SHIT this book completely took my breath away, I have never read a book so slowly before I savoured each and every single word. I let myself get lost in their world......I am finding it very difficult to articulate just how AMAZING this book is I don't think no amounts if words cold possible do this book any justice. I bow at your feet Ms Stephens your talents knows no bounds, each word was beautifully written. you made me like Griffin, maybe love him a little. Keira finally redeemed herself and proved worthy of Kellan's love. I loved all the supporting characters and you tied everything up beautifully with a pretty bow. I had happy tears when I was finished

This series this book will be talked about for generations to come its that BLOODY FANTASTIC

Wednesday, 13 March 2013



Hay, my name is Natasha and I am a total book worm, so a few of my friends that are tied of hearing me go on and on about all the books that I read suggest I start a blog to share with people who are actually interested in here I am giving it a shot.